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Course Outline

This Course enables the students to converse in Tamil for daily situations. Intensive instructions will be conducted on the following topics.

Focus of lessons will be on mastering the...

  • Brief introduction to Tamil - history, customs and language influences
  • Recognition of Tamil alphabets
  • Tamil phonetics
  • Proper sentence formation - correct verb and grammar usage
  • Basic comprehension skills through reading, listening and dialogue sessions
  • Vocabulary that includes useful everyday phrases

Students will be able to exercise the lessons learnt into daily conversations in situations such as these...

  • Introducing oneself - name, age, profession, nationality ...
  • Numbers: calculations and prices
  • Directions
  • Colors
  • Weather / Seasons
  • Family Members
  • Phone etiquette - making and answering phone calls
  • Shopping: house appliances, apparels ...
  • Restaurants: food, drinks, cutleries ...
  • Work and leisure

A Course Completion certificate is awarded to participants with a minimum of 70% attendance.


  • 10 sessions
  • 2.5 hours per session
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